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Everyone seems to know the importance of a property inspection before buying a house. But how many homeowners actually care about an electrical inspection? Electrical Safety Foundation International, a non-profit organization, known for promoting electrical safety has recommended a comprehensive and separate electrical inspection before purchasing a home. The organization warns that homes above 40 years, those that have undergone major renovations, changed ownership or have had new electrical appliances installed within a period of 10 years should have an electrical inspection. Typically, professional home inspectors check for plumbing, mechanical and electrical problems and other structural defects on your property. It is ideal to ensure your property is well inspected before closing so as to avoid costly discoveries after you already have your name on the deed. However, you must have it in mind that such property inspections do not carry out thorough checks on your electrical installations. Although it involves inspecting the attic wiring, testing of switches, etc., you may need a professional electrical inspector to do a deeper inspection.

What Is an Electrical Inspection?

This involves thorough and professional inspection of circuit breakers, loose-fitting outlets, and fuse boxes. Every electrical-related item on your property must be double-checked and tested.

Why You Need an Electrical Inspection?

The consequence of an ignored electrical problem could be catastrophic. Statistics show that over 165, 000 home fires caused by electric occur annually, and an estimated 900 lives are lost to these electrically related accidents every year.
Now, just reflect on the last time you inspected your electrical system- Maybe never. Do you check out for overheated or frayed cords? Do you check the outlets for overheating? How do you handle overloaded circuits?

You may have answered affirmatively to all these, but same may not be said of the seller. In a recent case, both the homebuyer and inspectors could not recognize a significant wiring defect on the property. This would have been detected if a seasoned electrical inspector was invited to the property.

Whether you are purchasing a new home or not, you may want to consider an electrical inspection from an electrician Melbourne. Consult your electrical service providers today to know if this falls among the services they render. In the event they do not offer this service, you may get useful information from them concerning providers who do.

Just like in the case of a property inspection, take the inspection tour with your electrical inspector; fell free to ask him questions and make him enlighten you on the components he is checking and his reason. Information derived during this process will help you adequately manage your home's electrical system in the future.

If you wish to add some installations to the home, like hot tub or other major electrical installations simply discuss with the electrician. He would definitely have some useful tips and advice for you.

Remember electricity can be dangerous. Have a professional electrical service company run an inspection and avert any issue that could cause severe damage to lives and properties when left unchecked.